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Why Wonderfarm?

1800's picture of an old farmer standing next to a cow.jpg
1800's picture of an old farmer standing next to a cow.jpg

How it started

In 1895 man named Johan Mathais Prigel boarded a ship from Germany to Baltimore. His youngest son, John Mathias II began his work on Bellevale Farm as a sharecropper. He later purchased the farm and we have been dairy farmers in 

Long Green Valley ever since.

To say we have seen farming through the ages is an understatement.

How its going

There are ever-changing trends, less food in food and bigger boxier stores every week. Gone are the days when the local farmers feed the local community. Most farmers you'll talk to (Find one to talk to!) will tell you they are happy to do the hard work to sell their product and keep the farm going.

A simple concept, but these days it's not enough; farmers must constantly change and add to what they do just to pay the bills.


All of the sudden a dairy farmer must be a cheese maker, milk pasteurizer, production facility manager, retail shop runner, HR representative, office manager, marketing specialist and many other things just to sell the milk they produce.  After all of the the cost to produce real farm products is not what average families can pay for groceries.


When did real food become a luxury item?

The fight is daily to keep our family farm. Most every farm is fighting to stay sustainable, which is disheartening and scary. In Baltimore County there are only 5 dairy farms left and the number will continue to fall. We realized this fight is not ours alone and it's time to do something. 



John Mathias Prigel III 

The truth remains; food (real food) comes from farms.

For the health, happiness and sustainability of our families & future generations,
we must return to farms feeding our communities with real food.

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